Search setup in AEM 6.5



In our project we are planning to setup search for indexing data.

Came across 2 types of elastic search 1. Elastic search and 

2. Elastic search a service.


What is the difference between the two?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





To be precise there are two types of Elastic implementation:
1. Elastic site search:
Here you have to setup the elastic server and index data using REST API calls
2. Elastic search as a Service:
This is something new that came up recently when Elastic collaborated with Swiftype. Here we have a dasboard and a login Id. Where you can login and using App ID you can index the data and see it on the dashboard. It's quite easy to use and implement.

I have written a article on second topic i.e, Elastic Search as a Service do check it out.


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