Saving JCR query results



I ran a JCR query by going to CRXDE Lite and get the results I want. Is there a way to extract or save the result set from the query into  either text or excel file?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Out of the box -- no; however - you can write a custom CQ service.  That is one of the most powerful features of AEM -- the ability to customize it. 

We have community articles that will help you for this use case. 

See this community article that will help you write an OSGi bundle that knows how to query the AEM JCR using the JCR API:

See this community article that talks about how to get Excel functionality into CQ:

Then you can combine the app logic shown in the 2 articles - that is - you can search the AEM JCR using the JCR API. Then you can write the result set to an excel Spreadsheet using the Excel API as discussed in the 2nd link. 

Hope this helps