Running Workflows on different version of an Asset in AEM DAM ?

singhprabhakar 26-11-2018

Hi All,

I'm using AEM 6.4 for this project. Hereby I'm trying to achieve something like below(refer screenshot attached) where the author can not only run workflows on the different versions of an Asset (in dam) but also VIEW the current workflow status for each of the versions of a selected asset.

I'm quite new to AEM and not sure if providing such a feature& view is possible in AEM 6.4 ?


Appreciate any help with this regard.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I don't think so there is OOTB features available which you are looking for.

You can create your own landing page where user can select assets version but I am not sure about how you are gonna run workflow on versions directly and what would you do with that. Programatically yes you can run workflow on any node.

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