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Hi All,

I am using AEM 6.5 + SP1 and have created an RTE based on the V2 core component. I am trying to configure the RTE paste rules to allow lists from Word as described in this documentation:
Configure the Rich Text Editor plug-ins

However, when trying to allow lists from Word to be pasted into my RTE, they appear as <p> tags as below:rteListPasteParagraph.PNG

I believe that I've created the correct structure under the edit node as shown:


But the pasted structure from Word does not display the content in ol/ul format. Is this intended or should this be handled by the <list> node? I've also tried changing the list node to not allow lists and remove them (allow="{Boolean}false" and ignoreMode="remove") and this has no effect either. Strangely, the table node below is working with no issue and reflects the allow/ignoreMode properties properly.

On further look at the markup that Word uses for its lists, it appears the lists are handled using p tags instead of ul/ol tags as so:

"<p style='text-indent:-.25in;mso-list:l4 level1 lfo5'><![if !supportLists]><span


style='mso-list:Ignore'>1.<span style='font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"'>      


Is it possible for the paste plugin to handle this for lists from Word. Thanks for any help!

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