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RTE hyperlink hover text special characters issue


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Hi All,

When i am trying to add special character in alt text field which in turn shown as hover text for a link in RTE, the hover functionality stops working and i don't see any hover text.

When i inspected <a> tag, i found that the title attribute from <a> tag is completely removed due to special character.

Is there a way i can add special characters like copyright, trademark etc. in hover text?

Note: i am using AEM6.3.

Thanks in advance.

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For Special characters,  you will need to (re)define these within your own selection.

Link:- https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/administer/operations/page-authoring/rich-text-editor.html#Sp... Characters


You can include only those chars that you want in the JCR.

Under schools create a node to hold the special character configurations:

  • Name specialCharsConfig
  • Type nt:unstructured

Under specialCharsConfig create another node to hold the list of characters:

  • Name chars
  • Type nt:unstructured

Under chars add a new node to hold an individual character definition.

If you do this and place only those special chars - you should get just special chars and not the other functionality.

More Reference ponts:- Touch UI-RTE - Special Chracters

PS:- 1. When adding misctools node, set property of features as "specialchars" not  "*", use multiple field for adding

        2. special character would work as long as browser supports it.


Kautuk Sahni


Level 4

Hi Kautuk,

I did the same and it is reflecting properly in link text, but not in hover text or tool-tip.

i want it in hover text as well.