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Hi All,


I have a component in AEM with a property that's Rich Text enabled using sling:resourceType - cq/gui/components/authoring/dialog/richtext

The component is working correctly in edit mode for Source Edit. The HTML tags render the content enter correctly.

However, as soon as I click ok and come to Edit/Preview screen - The content comes with HTML tags (like <h6>Hello, Rohan</h6>)


So the source edit works correctly when configuring content but the html tags do not get removed in edit/preview mode.


I have attached 3 screenshots showing the same. I can send the xml of the dialog if required.  Image 1 - Source Edit ModeImage 1 - Source Edit ModeImage 2 - Normal Edit Mode outside Source EditImage 2 - Normal Edit Mode outside Source EditImage 3 - Component in HeadquartersImage 3 - Component in Headquarters

AEM 6.5 cq:dialog dialog Richtext

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Are you using sightly? If yes then have you used context='html' while rendering e.g. 

<div>${properties.richText @ context='html'}</div>

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What's stripping the custom tags is XSS filter, which is based on OWASP AntiSamy. You can find and customize the configuration for it under /libs/cq/xssprotection/config.xml. There you can add rules to allow your custom tag.


You need to allow the custom tags in RTE.

Please check http://experience-aem.blogspot.com/2015/05/aem-6-sp2-handling-custom-protocol-in-link-href-in-rte.ht...