RSS feed implementation.

tushaars9735484 29-07-2019

Hi I am new to concept RSS feed. and I need to implement RSS feed.

So, please help me with how to implement RSS feed on a page. How can they give us data to render RSS.

Scenario: a page published every month and the team would like to use RSS feed from their core system outside of AEM.

(Note: I am not sure but got some where about web syndication but that was present in AEM6,  and do we have to implement same for AEM6.3 and 6.5)?

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tushaars9735484 06-08-2019

Thank you Arun, I checkd the link, but I think in that Link It is mentioned like how we want to display the Feed means there is a JS code that tell how to diaplay/manage.

But How to get the RSS feed.? or how to achieve the feeds.

eg. on local if we check but changing URL from  .html -> .feed,  this will give the feed

and removing .html  -> .rss.xml, it will give the rss xml format