RichText Editor paste options in AEM 6.4 Touch UI



Hello All,

I am trying to use the rte touch ui component in which I want to add paste options that were available as part of Classic UI.

For example as highlighted in below image.


I found from Configure the Rich Text Editor  that I can add the 'edit' property and value "*" to include the cut, copy, paste-default, paste-plaintext, paste-wordhtml.

However in Touch UI I am not able to provide all the pasting options but choose from browser, plaintext, or wordhtml to be added as a value for property "defaultPasteMode". (See Configure the Rich Text Editor plug-ins )

How is this achievable in AEM6 6.4 Touch UI? Or in AEM 6.4 Touch UI, can we provide all three pasting options as buttons when the rte dialog is opened?

I noticed that in either of the links I posted above there are no visuals that suggest about the paste buttons in Touch UI rte dialog

Please suggest.


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Thanks Arun. This is exactly what I was looking for. I haven't seen "edit#cut,edit#copy,edit#paste-plaintext,edit#paste-wordhtml" addition in inline toolbar in documentation. But now I understand how the syntax might have come by.