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retrieve values from coral ui components


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how to retrieve values from coral UI components which are created in a dialog

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where do you want to retrieve the values? What's the use case?

check if this helps - AEM 6.4. Retrieve values from another dialog.


Community Advisor

What exactly you want to retrieve ? Can you give an example of your dialog with the fields and node structure with properties. It will help to give you more exact response. To answer you in a simple way , if you have a dialog with a text field with name = ./title ; to fetch that value from node you can write the below line in your HTL file

${properties.title} , where properties is a global object for ValueMap API . Read more here HTL Global Objects  .

PS:- I think you are in a process of learning AEM and as a basic step I would recommend you to start from the basics of AEM. Adobe Experience Manager Help | Developing User Guide  this might help to start with