Restrict Template types to specific projects

rajeev_yadav 15-10-2018


I want to restrict template-type to be available in specific project folder under /conf. It should not be available in other folders for creating the templates. How  can I achieve this?



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You can try to set cq:allowedTemplate property in templates types jar:content node




[cq:PageContent] > nt:unstructured, mix:title, mix:created, cq:OwnerTaggable, sling:VanityPath, cq:ReplicationStatus, sling:Resource
    - cq:template (string)
    - cq:allowedTemplates (string) multiple

smacdonald2008 15-10-2018

Look at the Weekend example --


ANy template that is developed under this folder is now available when creating an editable template for this site.


Once you define a template under a given folder (like WKND Here) - and you are in that folder in the Template view (ie - http://localhost:4502/libs/wcm/core/content/sites/templates.html/conf/wknd​ ) then all of these templates are available. You cannot restrict beyond that.

rajeev_yadav 15-10-2018

Hi @smacdonald2008

I know we can restrict the templates that are available when creating any page in any of the path. My question is regarding restricting the template types when trying to create templates. Lets consider below scenario:




No when I navigate  navigate to organization > brand-1  using template console, I just want to see basic-template-type-1 to create templates.



smacdonald2008 15-10-2018

Look how We Retail is setup - when you click on a We Retail page in site admin - and click Create Page, you only see applicable We Retail Editable Templates.


This is how you can restrict editable templates based on a project.

rajeev_yadav 15-10-2018

But all the template types from all projects are getting displayed when trying to configure any template. It would have been better if we only see relevant template types when configuring templates.