Restrict number of component in parsys

vijayk87714775 04-06-2018

Hi, I've a project requirement (AEM 6.2) where I need to restrict the specific component in parsys to a limited count? Let's say I've 3 component allowed for a particular section parsys. Let's call it {A, B, C}. The 'A' component can be dragged any number of time in parsys but if component 'B' is dragged on parsys then it shouldn't allow to drag component 'C' and vice-versa. Thanks, Vijay

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

vijayk87714775 05-06-2018

Hi Rajashankar ,

Thanks for the reply . In the link you have provided , one with reply that is marked as correct seems like those urls are not valid any more.



smacdonald2008 04-06-2018

This is where when using a more recent version of AEM Editable Templates and policies are best practice. When setting policies in an editable template - you can control which components are allowed to be used.