Resource at '/content/<folder>/www/shell.php' is not modifiable



Hi Experts,


Adobe asked us to fix the error they found in our environment log files. How do we fix is beyond our understanding, this reosurces we tried to search in our code base who is trying to access it but cant find anything.


Could you help?


On Prod Publisher1 - Occurrence of Errors/Warnings:  is not modifiable.


Reason : The actual issue is AEM could not resolve the servlet and assumes it as a resource path but this is not a valid resource path, the below exception will be thrown when AEM tries to set the property values.


Recommended Actions: See


Example from logs :

08.05.2020 19:01:14.666 *ERROR* [ [1588964474663] POST /content/hfma/www/shell.php HTTP/1.1] Exception during response processing. Resource at '/content/<client folder>/www/shell.php' is not modifiable. at [] at [] at []


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Your code(may be javascript) is trying to making POST request to the URL, if URL is not available then default sling servlet is called and with POST request it tries to create node/properties.

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