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Request for SWF source code of ADEP Client Component Framework


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Greetings to all,

I would like to know if it is possible to get the project source code for the DEBUG and RELEASE version of the following SWF files within the Gravity Framework.

1. gravity_shared_flex-flex450.swf

2. gravity_shared_flex-flex450-debug.swf

I'm asking for these 2 files because I'm trying to reproduce my own version of gravity_shared_flex-flex450.swf which consist of just a dummy RSL loader which is going to be loaded dynamically inside of a Main application.

I'm encountering a problem which seems to not be normal.

Case 1: When I run the Main application in DEBUG mode loading dynamically an SWF(dummy RSL loader) compiled in DEBUG version the process goes smooth.

Case 2: When I run the Main application in DEBUG mode loading dynamically an SWF(dummy RSL loader) compiled in RELEASE version there is an error.

The dummy RSL loader should also work like when compiled in DEBUG version.

I think that I'm missing an additional compiler option which should make this work when my dummy RSL loader is compiled in RELEASE version.

That's why it would be good to see the example of the source code of the 2 files to learn what is my mistake.

You can get more info about my problem on StackOverflow : Advanced Actionscript and Flex RSLs Loading issue with Bootstrap mechanism - Stack Overflow

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Are you talking about Experience Manager. I am unsure of what product you are referring to.


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I'm talking about Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform which is on this web site : Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform * Developing for Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Experience Serv...

To know exactly the location of the compiled file I'm talking about you have to check the gravity folder in this screenshot:


The files I'm requesting are part of this Framework :Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform * ADEP Client Component Framework


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I think that what will really help me is the compilation options of the source project so that I understand why it is working with the RELEASE version of the SWF generated by Adobe and not working when I try to do my own RSLs loader.


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Is there a way to tell the Loader to bypass the verification of the spark.components::Application although it is there? The validation happens way before the preloading of the RSLs. Like the first thing it does is to check is spark.components::Application exists.