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Repository Growth Pattern with Upload of Assets


Level 4

Hi guys,

Do you guys know if there are any formulas that allow you to calculate or at least estimate the repository growth given the number and type of assets uploaded to AEM?

I found this capacity guide where the author goes through an example of uploading a few thousand assets. I noticed just as the article states "that the growth in repository size ... would depend on the count as well as the type of assets uploaded to the repository". What would be really useful is if we could have some sort of formula to calculate how much repository growth we will have for a given count of assets and their types. Something like:

# of Assets     Type     Size     Repository Growth

1                     .mov     2GB     Size of Asset * x (where x is the factor by which the repository will grow)

If x cannot be provided, a way to calculate x would be great, since the value of x might depend on asset type and repository configuration.

I know there must be a way to come up with the formulas or come up with x since the outcome of uploading assets is deterministic. I remember a while ago while going through some documentation, there was a page with a bunch of formulas but I couldn't find this page anymore.

If there's anybody who can help or provide some insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance : ) 

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