Render list of tiles from one component to another component.



Recently encountered with below question. please let me know what can be done.

Developer needs to create a new component called component 'X'. Component 'X' must show a list of all components that all have a resource type of existing Component 'Y'. Component 'X' must render this list of tiles for each Component 'Y' where tile rendering is different from default one. The list of rendered tiles must be reusable by future new components. How should the developer implement this functionality ?

Thanks in advance !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Create a new component called component 'X' with dialog to configure page rootpath/path, max number of results, list type.

for reference check we-retail list component.

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Answers (1)



The component X should render the component Y using data-sly-resource and pass selector for  rendering is different tile. 

See the Core carousel / Tabs component.


@Arun_Patidar the list component does not have the above functionality(allow another component ) as described.