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I have the need to be able to render any of the pages in my AEM model.json dynamically regardless of the current URL in a SPA React app.

My AEM model.json structure has pages following the `/<country>/<language>/rest/of/path` format, but I want to be able to strip the country/language and just use the rest of the URL path.

I am able to do this when I initialize the ManagerModel with the desired path like this:


const path = `/path/to/<my_model>.model.json`

/* initialize the ModelManager with the path to the model.json */
ModelManager.initialize({ path })

  grab the desired section of the model and render by calling ReactDOM.render
  By doing this I am able to render the section of the model that maps /us/en/user- 
 account for example, and render the correct content even though the current browser path 
 is `/`


When I handle navigation with `history.push` (I use react-router), I want to be able to render another page following the same logic. By default, having executed `ModelManager.getData("/us/en/<page_to_load>")`, every page that I navigate to then renders that same portion of the model.

To fix this, I have tried many variations of `ModelManager.getData()` calls with no success. The only thing that I have been able to have any success with is dynamically passing the path to the next page to render to a callback function that is defined on the index.js level and passed down as a prop to App.js. The callback triggers another ReactDOM.render call and loads the page correctly regardless of what the actual URL path is. That code looks something like this:


  reRender={(path) => {
    /* manipulate the path so that it properly maps to the correct AEM model data */
    const updatedPath = `/us/en/${path}`
     this works, but causes another ReactDOM.render call every time that the current page 
     is changed

There are also cases where the page that has been navigated to doesn't have a corresponding path in the modelStore mapping. I am able to handle that like this:


const pathToInsert = `/<country>/<language>/${window.location.pathname}.model.json`

I have been having issues with this, but can get the newly inserted model to load properly by
re-routing back to the current path from the current path



I have read and re-read the documentation here and I am unable to figure out the correct way to do what I want to do. The above solutions work for the most part, but are pretty hacky and I would like to find out the proper way to accomplish this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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