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Remove Request for Activation / Deletion, etc. buttons from Touch UI


Level 4

We're using AEM 6.5 SP13

We're not using workflows but some users who cannot replicate, etc. are making requests via the request for activation, deletion, etc. buttons.

How can these buttons be removed? Currently these requests go to the admin inbox. I am deleting them via jmx workflow maintenance. Ideally, users would not have the option to press these buttons.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Saravanan,


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately  my issue is unrelated. I'm not talking about the activate/deactivate buttons. They are already gone since the users in question do not have replicate rights.


These users instead see "Request Publication" "Request Unpublication" - I want to remove these Request x buttons.


I found this link:



which seems like it might have some good info.

Thanks again!





Level 7

Where are the buttons placed? In site admin or in menu when after you pressed the edit button.


Level 4

Hi Magicr,

For a user without replication permissions, there is a "Manage Publication" button in siteadmin and "Request Publication" / "Request Unpublicaiton" / "Start Workflow" in the edit screens.

I would like to remove the ability for these users (without replication rights) to request publication/unpublication or to start workflows.

Hopefully the link(s) mentioned earlier -



can help with the "Manage Publication" button in siteadmin as well.