Recompile JSPs not available in AEM 6.5



Some UI issues need a recompilation of the JSPs in order to be resolved (/system/console/slingjsp). However, in AEM 6.5 (tested on an OOTB installation with no additional packages installed) the console with which this is usually done is no longer available. It is not present in the menu, nor is the URL accessible directly.

AEM 6.3:


AEM 6.5:


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Is there an other way to recompile the JSPs?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




That option was removed in 6.5. Now, Classes and Slightly cache is stored in the Apache Sling Commons FileSystem ClassLoader. Check point 2 at [1] on how to clear classes and sightly cache

[1] How to force a recompilation of all Sling scripts jsps, java, and sightly in AEM 6.4

Answers (4)

Answers (4)



I found this issue with AEM 6.5.3.


Having a custom component under Apps. Change the widget.jsp and the change in the jsp is NOT captured in the refresh page when added a simple static div



Edit the adaptive form and it is captured, but "localhost:4502/content/forms/.../.../...html?wcmmode=disabled" is not reflecting the change.


On author (Windows based instance)

1. /libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.rebuild.html ==> Not working (both options)

2. for file system, find bundle.../data/classes and delete "classes" folder ==> Not working

3. for file system, find bundle.../data/outputcache and delete "outputcache" folder ==> Not working

4. Clear browser cache ==> Not working


Any combination of the above ==> Not working


Only thing that made it work ==> Restart Author.