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Hi Team, 


From third party we received few corrupted images to AEM and we are not able to use those images on page. 

if we open original node (under image node) in notepad it is displaying invalid session in a JSON format . I know it’s binary data .


Now my requirement is I need to find  all corrupted images in AEM and send back to team to retrigger.


how can I read the Jcr content binary data to text . 

Thanks for the support.

AEM 6.4.5

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Try to download the jcr:data property directly and see if the binary is corrupted or if the workflow just needs to be run again.


For example:


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Answers (2)




Can you give a sample corrupted image so that I can try replicating this in my local and see if we can read it to text or figure out any other way to find out the corrupted images? 

Note:- Please don't share any project specific images. Only share the one which can be shared ,