Quick Publish button not showing immediately after image upload in AEM DAM



Hi All,


We are uploading image under path like /content/dam/a/b/c and image uploaded successfully in few seconds but Quick Publish not showing after image uploaded and seeing after a minute.

Could you please suggest us what need to check here and why it is taking that much time to see Quick Publish button.

We are using AEM 6.4.5 version

Please let us know if any logs can be verified.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @gayatrik8153299,

Whenever an image is uploaded, an internal workflow is triggered in background which will create various renditions for that image. Also it depends on the size of the image being uploaded which can take a few seconds.
It'll also show 'Processing' on that asset.

Please check with various size images (including smaller ones) and see if you're able to replicate the issue. Generally it shouldn't take a minute unless its a heavy asset or a system is busy.


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Answers (1)




 I think this could be because of the image size, there might be a possibility after uploading the very high resolution image.

Update Asset Workflow  takes time to create renditions of that image that is the reason it takes time  to show quick publish button. 

Try adding smaller resolution image and check if this is happening, or at last check error logs if you find anything suspicious in  particular.