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Question for blueprint and livecopy Help me T_T


Level 2

I really appreciate in advance. 

I'm having 3 troubles in doing blueprint and livecopy. document and description is so narrow that I came to here to get answer. 


1. Is there a any way that I can use blueprint consequently(or I can say double blueprint work?!)? 

for example. 

1) I made eu-en node and en node has page named one. also, I made blueprint with eu-en sourcepath. 

2) I made eu-fr node with above blueprint. fr node has page named one.  by this way, i do some changes in eu-en and by rolling out it, changes are applied well to fr node's page named one. 

until here,  I don't have any problems. 

3) I made eu-fr_manager node with new blueprint(Let's say second blueprint) that has source with fr node. (source path is eu-fr).

here problems arise. 

I want to make changes in eu-fr-one page and rollout it to eu-fr_manager- one page. 

but when doing rollout in eu-fr rollout is not activated. also, I can see nothing in blueprint control center in second blueprint(so, I can create livecopy)

please understand that I erase something for security reason. 

is there a way that I can do this ? 


2. when I make site with blueprint, there is a checkbox for Livecopy. 

I can't see any difference in checking or not checking. because without checking it, i can see rollout - changes are applied. 


3. Here is very very weird thngs and I can't find any solution on web. 

after I make blueprint for certain root (in here, eu-en), I made some other language node called fr. 

i made fr with create site- selecting blueprint that i made. and on initial language, I get this. 

what is basque??!!

I think it came from source path of blueprint which is eu-en. but I can't find anything related to word "basque"




if any one who know answer or clues to resolve, let me know. 

thank you. 

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