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QA Autor is corrupted and need copy of prod repo to QA author.


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One of my QA author is corrupted and I don't have any backup online or offline on that server, But Prod env running fine, I tried to restore back get good revision segment but no luck.
Currently, I have attached which contains the CRX-quickstart folder of a prod to my QA env.
So what thing should I copy from the disk and replace with QA env, so that I can have all previous configurations of QA env? and Do I need to copy whole crx-quickstart folder or some of them?
also what precautions should I take before doing that

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I assume you are running it on prem (with no AMS)

I don't recommend copying the entire repository (CRX-quickstart) 

Option 1: If the QA author is at least running. you can move the necessary packages from prod to the QA. (via pkg manager)

Option 2: if the QA author is not even up and running, spin up a fresh instance and move pkgs from prod to QA. (new)

See is this makes sense. 



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@A_H_M_Imrul  I have tried to move segmentstore and datastore from prod to QA but no luck.
I will go with option 2nd which starts a fresh instance but before doing that I have some questions:
 1. How should I get the replication agent config just like the old QA server?
2. What about the user/group and their password?
3. The entire repo is around 1.2TB and there are a lot of assets how should I get it?
4. What other thing should I consider before proceeding with it?

I am thinking in another way please correct me if I am wrong.
Our AEM is running on-prem VM and currently, I have attached a prod backup disk to the QA server If I run AEM directly from the backup disk will it run?
2nd what should I consider if I start from a backup disk like hostname and which other config files?
Really concerned that if I start AEM and it runs successfully, will it be a replica of prod does it affect the live prod env? 



@AkashCh2 Did you find the suggestions from users helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

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