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Please find below the Questions asked in AEM webinar.

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1. Martin Lehmann: Since it is not recommended to introduce a custom "basetemplate" (/content/communities/templates/basetemplate). What is the is the recommended way to extend OOTB feature like the signup, signin process?i.e.: The registration process has to be a multistep process, which requires multiple further pages. Those pages belongs to the signup page at "/content/communities/templates/basetemplate/signup". This structure is not manageable.What would be the best solution here if a custom basetemplate is not recommended?

* AKumar(privately): Hi Martin, you can overlay the components and create your own implementation of sign in/up experience .

2. ruen: are there no limits on how many users can join your community?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): The product does not limit number of users in a community.

3. Martin Lehmann: Is there a social Java API that allows custom notifications to be sent to users (e.g. to inform users about new comments even if they don't follow the article) by using a MongoDB as storage of UGC? How can a moderator be informed that new moderated articles or comments have been created?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - Currently, there is no way to intimate moderator on adding new comments. The moderation has to login to site(for in context) or bulk moderation console for moderation

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - Also, the following is done at two levels - article and component level. If the user follow any of them, they will get notification. For use case, following article should work

4. Prahlad: Is there any cpmpany that is using AEM Communities in Production?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): Yes, many. Sony Playstation is one of the bigger ones.

5. Jai: is the AEM communities licensed separately from AEM ?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): Its part of AEM and is licensed as add-on to sites

6. Oleg | BizTech: Is it possible/difficult to integrate the AEMC profile (social graph) and the site-wide user profile? How is AEMC profile stored?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Oleg - I think, making any AEM user a part community-members group and a member of the particular site in question should do the trick

7. Sagar 2: Can the content fragments be refered in OOTB communities components like blog without customization

* AKumar: content fragment can be created from a UGC  and same can be used via standard content fragment component on your page

8. ruen: Communities now uses MongoDB?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): For storing UGC, Mongo, RDBMS or Adobe'd cloud storage can be used

9. Paul: Does the AEM Communities SKU come with Analytics or does the client need to pay for aAnalytics separately?

* kautuk sahni(privately): We need to have separate SKU for Analytics.

* kautuk sahni(privately): separate licence is needed.

10. Martin Lehmann: Is it possible to extend the rights mechanism for moderated articles that only authors (no moderators) can allow or deny comments on their own article? Can moderator rights be assigned path-specifically?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - A user has to be a moderator to moderate user generated content

11. Robert Wunsch: How does the approval process work technically? Do I get immediately noteified as an approver? via what channel? how is the approval passed between author and publisher?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Robert - Yes, if you are following a component or article, you get notified immediately via emails and/or web notifications

12. ruen: Does this mean, on an existing AEM setup we have to change the setup to handle UGC?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Ruen - Can you please elaborate your question a bit?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): No, you'd not have to. You can setup Mongo and solr, go to Communities settings and configure their. No other re-configuration required and all other things would continue to work as-is

13. Martin Lehmann: Based on the description here (https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/communities/using/extend-comments.html)If you would like to extend the blog comments component and you would like to avoid overlaying, you have to implement a custom blog community function, a custom blog journal component, a custom entry_topic component and a custom comment component, just to change markup or to introduce further features. Is this correct?This is definitely too much effort for this use case. Is there an alternative way to do that or is overlaying the preferred solution here?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - The social component framework is designed specifically to provide this extensibility and the recommended way. Also, please note  that extend is recommended if you want to keep OOTB components as it is. If changing OOTB behavior is not a problem, Overlay should suffice in most cases. Ofcourse, if there are any additional properties to ugc, e.g. subtitle in a journal, you have to add that property to proper whitelist. refer - https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-scf-sample-components-extension for ready examples

14. Paul: understood, thanks for the clarification

* kautuk sahni(privately): Your Welcome!!

15. R: I created an Engagement community and selected my photo as the Branding. This page displays my photo 6 times horizontally. Pl suggest.

* AKumar: Probably , you need to look into themes css based on what theme you chose ...under  /etc/designs/community/sitethemes/

16. Sagar 2: Will the communities components session work with sites integrated with SAML login?

* kautuk sahni(privately): This required debugging. I would request you to please create a question in the AEM Forums [1], we will make sure to answer you back there. Please specify your question in bit more details.

[1] https://forums.adobe.com/community/experience-cloud/marketing-cloud/experience-manager

17. Shawn Steinbrunner: How does the Technical Implementation of Communitites work when we have multiple publish instances?  Is there some sort of cross-replication between instances?

* Neerav Aggarwal(privately): The UGC is stored seperately from repository. The available choices are Mongo, RDBMS or Adobe hosted cloud storage. No replication is required.

18. Oleg | BizTech: What is the process of localising the profanity moderation for other languages? Are word forms handled properly?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Oleg - The language dependent filtering is currently not present but you can overlay the OOTB spam_words file with words of respective language and that should work. Also, word forms are handled for the use cases tested so far.

19. R: I do see a tutorial for communities @ https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-2/communities/using/create-site.html. Are there any other tutorials?

* kautuk sahni(privately): Official Doc:- https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/communities/using/overview.html

And if you have any further questions you can ask in AEM forums at https://forums.adobe.com/community/experience-cloud/marketing-cloud/experience-manager

20. ruen: the mkderators are not necessarily AEM authors

* AKumar: not necessarily but need to have permisisons to read/write UGC on your content page. refer to permissions for group /home/groups/community/community-moderators

21. ruen: the moderators are not necessarily AEM users/authors right?

* AKumar: Moderators are definitely need to be valid AEM users but not necesarily authors. There are different permissions and privileges attached to a Moderator role.

22. Eric Malcolm: How would you recommend going about creating a header component with authorable meta tags for a blog/journal implementation (I noticed it does not come OOTB)?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Eric - Extension should solve this use case

23. ruen: I noticed that the Communities components are hbs (handlebars) templates. Can we implement that on other custom components?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @ruen - Can you elaborate it a bit, I am afraid I didn't understand your question? What do you want to implement in custom components?

24. Oleg | BizTech: Should we expect reintroduction of the Polls component?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: No, we would recommend using Livefyre instead

25. ruen: How are the hbs components rendered server side?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @ruen - We have a scripting engine to take care of this.

26. Sagar 2: As per the documentation,  domain name in the communities page link that comes in email notification comes from externalizer, so does that mean communities components cannot be used on more than one site(more than one domain) without customizing the communities components?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Sagar - Yes, that's how it is currently.

27. R: I am just following a tutorial  @ https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-2/communities/using/create-site.html. and it did not ask me to change css.

* Bertrand de Coatpont: You can select from an existing theme, or you'll have to creating a new "design"  entirely with your CSS

28. Martin Lehmann: Is there a social Java API that allows custom notifications to be sent to users (e.g. to inform users about new comments even if they don't follow the article) by using a MongoDB as storage of UGC?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - I believe, I have answered this questions when you asked it last time. If you still have concerns fitting it to your use case, please feel free to contact via emal with detail about the use case. We will be happy to discuss it further.

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Martin - Or better, please post it on forum so that other users can benefit too

29. ruen: @Rahul: example i want to add a carousel component made with handlebars similar to whats done in the OOTB communities components.

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @ruen - I think, you can try extension rather than introducing a completely new component.  Add the carousel component as an extension to one of the existing components and make sure, you are adding the properties to whitelist and adding necessary handling on client side to capture info and server side to process it.  Sample Extension - https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-scf-sample-components-extension apart from documentation available publicly

30. Peter: AEM communities VS livefyre?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: use Livefyre for commenting and reviews, use Communities for branded communities with blogs, forums and user groups

31. Peter: How to integrate AEM Communities with existing AEM Site?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: You can add any of the AEM Communities components to any AEM page (check the "Component Guide") under Tools>Communities

32. Peter: Any Communities API to import/export data?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Peter - We do have a ugc migration tool to help in this. Though, it currently deals with migration between AEM versions only. Please refer - https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-communities-ugc-migration

33. R: Should that image be of a specific size only?

* AKumar: (optional) Upload a banner image to display across the site pages.   The banner is pinned to the left edge of the browser, between the community site header and menu (navigation links).  The banner height is cropped to 120 pixels.  There is no resizing of the banner to fit the width of the browser and 120 pixel height. Above is excerpt from docs but you can definitely look at the css if an image is multiplied in order to fill the browser width

34. Oleg | BizTech: So we can put regular components onto community pages. What about the other way around — is it possible to use AEMC components on regular AEM pages?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: You can add any of the AEM Communities components to any AEM page (check the "Component Guide") under Tools>Communities

35. Peter: Can I create Q&A on every page of my site using AEM Communities? If yes, how?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: Yes, but we would recommend using Community Sites whereever possible

36. Peter: Is there some ML techniques to prevent spam attack orhelp in moderation ?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: Yes, the most recent Spam detection feature

37. Peter: Any use-case of AEM communities and adobe sensei

* Bertrand de Coatpont: Yes, spam detection and expertise scoring

38. Rashid Raza 2: is sentiment option work with forum component??

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Rashid  - Yes

39. Carmen P Roos: What is the roadmap of implimenting new OOTB features e.g. planned release schedules?

* Bertrand de Coatpont: At the moment we are concentrating on customer success with minor features added - we have been adding so much in the last 3 years that it is time to "consolidate"

40. Sagar 2: Can we have moderator group setup per site basis, so that users can have moderator permission only for a site  and doesnt have moderator permission when checked for other site?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Sagar - Yes

41. Rashid Raza 2: @Rahul so how many words should match from the list of words to mark a post negative?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Rashid - It's a probability based ....e.g. if you have just one stop word as the entire content, it's probability will be high...wereas there is just one stop word in a paragraph of a few lines, the probability will be less, and hence will not be filtered out

42. R: Pl send me a banner image.

* Bertrand de Coatpont: sorry, not sure what this means!

43. Sagar 2: Can user get the list of blogs/QA/forum etc followed by a user other than user activities?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: @Sagar - No

44. Sagar 2: When double spaces were added in RTE of blog/QA the extra space was converted to junk characters like (?) when communities components were used in our application.

* Rahul Bhardwaj: Was it in some specific browser or all browsers?

* Rahul Bhardwaj: Also, I would recommend you to ask this on forum so that other users can benefit too.  If already asked, please point me to the post

45. Sagar 2: Anything to take care to resolve this. We are using all OOTB components and no customizations done for RTE

* Bertrand de Coatpont: Please file a DayCare ticket with details, thanks!