[Q&A | May 2018] Ask the AEM Community Expert: Integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Audience Manager


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Please find below the Questions asked in:- [Webinar | May] Ask the AEM Community Expert: Integration of Adobe Experience Manager and Audience M...

* kautuk sahni: All the recording for ATACE can be found at https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kt/eseminars/ask-the-expert/atace-index.html

1. Scott Matt: Where can I find this AEM - Launch Integration?

* kautuk sahni: Here it is for you: https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/aem_launch_adobeio_integration.html

2. Scott Matt: Can we connect AEM-Launch in AEM 6.3?

* kautuk sahni: No, This is not available on AEM 6.3 as of now.  This is only available for AEM 6.4. For AEM 6.3, we need to add Launch headers manually to the template.

3. Deke Smith: Are Launch configurations available for AEM 6.1?

* kautuk sahni: No, this process is for AEM 6.4. For implementing Launch in AEM 6.1, you need to add Launch header manually to the page.

4. Raj Mathur: what is difference between Analytics and Audience Manager?

* Gaurang: In short - Adobe Analytics is a web analytics platform, whereas Audience Manager is a segmentation and activation platform used to perform targeted marketing campaigns

5. Rama: Segments could be in AA or AAM right? How to decide?

* Gaurang: Please read the following article listing the differences between Analytics segment and AAM segments - https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/analytics/audiences/aam-analytics-segments.html

6. Rama: Where does aam store data? Does it have a database of its own?

* Gaurang: Yes. AAM maintains all the data in it's data repositories.

Recording of the session:- http://bit.ly/AtACEMay2018 

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