Publishing to preview environment.

mahithab9670023 10-03-2020

Hey guys,


Author: localhost:4502

publish1: localhost:4503 

publish2: localhost:4504


i have an requirement i.e. from author user will be provided an option to publish a page from author to either publish1 or publish2 ar a time, please let me know if we can provide an option i.e. 'publish to publish1' and 'publish to publish2' so that there will not be any relation between publish1 and publish 2 during publishing.


please let me know if any more information required.





AEM 6.5 preview publish

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Briankasingli 10-03-2020


The best way to achieve this is by creating two workflows.

  • Workflow One will publish to publish1
  • Workflow Two will publish to publish2

You will need to set two replication agents with the main identifier, agentID. Within the back-end, you can target which replication agent to use, using the

I found a tutorial online that will steer you to the correct path -

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

timf13285459 12-03-2020

One alternative is to change the trigger on publish2 (assuming that is the preview server)  to be "On Modification". Then when any page or asset is changed - it is automatically replicated to the preview publisher with no additional effort by the author.


But if you use this feature - You probably also want to check "No Version" as well as "No Status Update" as well.  Otherwise - you may be deceived into believing items were activated to your production publisher while they actually were not.