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Having a multi-country / language blueprint in AEM means having master and child publications.

On a regular basis it's required to (re)publish a page(s) on all sites. Not specific ones, just where changes required right now. Means for the editor to click through ~40 publications and hit publish. It feels wrong.


Question: Ho do you as editor or your editors with editor permissions (not as admin with some scripts) do this?

I am looking for a function like "Publish to child publications" (e.g. in SDL Tridion) from the Master publication level(s).

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Answers (1)





Once you have the pages in master then you probably do rollout(manually or automatic). Once pages are updated in the sites you can push using event listeners on child pages(sites). 

Or create a custom interface(shell page in AEM) to fetch all the child pages which are updated.