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Hi All,

I am working on new project where I have created a Dev author env. in aws and deployed code in it via cmd. 

But can you guys please guide me

  1. how I can replicate Package to publisher in one go.
  2. What and  all things I have to replicate over dev author just page or packages from package Manager.
  3. How we can replicate bundle.
  4. What about the Experience Fragments, DAM Assets, editable template, How we can manage publishing of this 
  5. I Dont want  We- retail page or project in publish env.
  6. How we can directly access project first page just like we got we-retails page when we open publisher.
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Hi @khamat_bn,

@ArpitVarshney's answer covers most of your points, but I'll just add a few of my own:

1. Once you've configured your replication agent to replicate to Publisher, you can replicate packages through CRX DE with the following option:


2. This depends on your project and your content. If you are joining a project that already has code and content deployed and you're not sure what to replicate, a good place to start is to look in the ui.apps and ui.content module of the maven project. This will show you what kinds of things are used in your project. For example:

  • Templates (and policies)
  • Tags
  • Sites
  • Configurations
  • Assets
  • Forms

If you google any one of those terms, you'll find a refrence to where they are stored in the JCR. Another good place to check is by browsing this list of popularly used repository locations:

3. Any bundles you have deployed SHOULD be part of a codebase. For example, it is common practice for ui.apps to embed your java code in a JAR in the /apps/site/install folder and install the bundle at the same time as the package. If you replicate that package, you will also replicate the embedded bundle 🙂 You should not be replicating OOTB bundles since they will be installed when you boot up your Publisher instance for the first time. 

4. As mentioned for number 2, once you've identified which are the root folders where your content is located (there shouldn't be more than 4-6 of these per site), you can quite easily replicate by using the TouchUI Publish button and making sure to include all children an dependencies.

5. Simply launch your publisher for the first time with the nosamplecontent flag (more information here: and then avoid publishing the We.Retail content 🙂

6. Nothing to add

Hope that helps!