profile.campaign.seedId in AEM context hub component




I created a email campaign in Adobe campaign V6 & a News letter in AEM. I want to preview recipient data in AEM using context hub component. Some how recipient data is not populating with seed profile data.


While debugging I found below line of code.


template: <p class="contexthub-module-line1">{{i18n "Adobe Campaign"}}</p>{{#if profile.campaign.seedId}}<p class="contexthub-module-line2">{{profile.displayName}}</p>{{else}}<p class="contexthub-module-line2">-</p>{{/if}}



Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 11.44.49 PM.png

I am trying to understand how we populate the "profile.campaign.seedId"? Do I need to provide seed id for profile manually? Any help is appreciated.

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