Processing Promoted Pages Using AEM Workflow[AEM 6.4]





I have a requirement to run a workflow while promoting a launch. But I am not able find proper steps to do the needful.


Here is the link I referred to


If you scroll to bottom you can see the steps to promote launch with workflow but it is not clearly mentioned how to create a workflow package and use it while promoting a launch.



Can you please help me out on this?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Saikrishna,

In classic UI, while promoting launch, you would notice an extra option "Add To Workflow Package".See detailed steps as below:


To promote pages, perform the following steps while editing the launch page that you want to promote:
  1. On the Page tab in Sidekick, click Promote Launch .
  2. Specify the pages to promote:
    • (Default) To promote only the current page, select Promote Page Changes To Production Version .
    • To also promote the child pages of the curent page, select Include Sub Pages .
    • To promote all pages in the launch, select Promote Full Launch To Production Version .
  3. To add the production pages to a workflow package, select Add To Workflow Package and then select the workflow package.
  4. Click Promote





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