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Hi all,

We are trying to setup Preview Publisher so that approver reviews content on this preview publisher before pushing to Prod Publisher.

So the workflow will be like this:

1. AEM Author Instance ----SUBMIT CONTENT FOR REVIEW -------> 2. Preview Publisher --------AFTER APPROVAL (push preview publisher version to prod pub) -------> 3. PROD Publisher

Question here is:

Say On 1-Nov-2019 from AEM Author instance page1.html (now its version 1) is submitted to "Preview Publisher" for review. While reviewer is reviewing on Preview Publisher - someone went in AEM Author and updates same page page1.html (now its version 2) . Now approvers approves the page1.html (version 1) . We want page1.html (but version 1) which was pushed to PREVIEW PUBLISHER to be pushed to "PROD Publisher" and not page1.html (version 2).

Is this possible ?

I know we can lock page1.html if its put in workflow to PREVIEW PUBLISHER - so that no one updates that till its apporved from PREVIEW PUBLISHER

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Hi Rohit,

Are you having a dedicated preview publisher instance or single preview publisher server. Two approaches are detailed at Publish or Preview – Digital Journey using AEM

If you can detail your setup, it will beneficial to support you better.

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Hi Nirmal,

Thanks so much for sharing the link. Very helpful

Publish or Preview – Digital Journey using AEM

My use case is 3rd one (Preview Publish Server),

I posted my follow-up query here - Preview Publisher | DAM Auto Replication workflow | On Modification Publisher Agent property

Any update (content update or DAM updates) should automatically replicate from AUTHOR to PREVIEW PUBLISHER (so that PREVIEW PUBLISHER is always in sync with AUTHOR).

In Publisher Agent Screen we have CHECKBOX called "On Modification" - If you select this - then any content update from AUTHOR will get replicated to PREVIEW PUBLISHER.


1) "On Modification" option does not work for DAM images - So we will have to write custom auto replication workflow. We can write this workflow and add in Workflow Launcher - But this will replicate DAM Image to all the publisher and not just PREVIEW PUBLISHER. Is there any way to achieve this without writing custom logic ?

2) "On Modification" option replicates all the updates from AUTHOR to PREVIEW like any changes made to /etc/replication node also gets AUTO REPLICATED to PUBLISHER - Is there any way to specify what paths we want to replicate to PREVIEW PUBLISH. Trying to avoid any custom coding if required.

Thanks in advance for ur help again !