Populating Drop-down using JSON Data return by Servlet




I have written a Servlet that return a valid JSON data in form of below:


Here My requirement is to create a drop down under AEM asset Metadata, that reads the given JSON data by Servlet and populate under Drop-down List (AEM6.3).

I have used Adobe Experience Manager Help | Populating AEM Component Dialog fields using JSON data returned by S... (Not working for me),

But I wanted to know, the procedure how we can Implement this into our Asset Metadata dropdown

Arun PatidarkautuksahniJaideepBrar

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




It does not work with registered servlet, You need to use json.

You can generate json using scheduler or event handler or run time whichever suits you case

or use javascript to call servlet and generate options when metadata schema is loading.



Can you post an example? Registered a servlet resource type and using that in the JSON path in the dropdown. Does not seem to pull in the json, the servlet itself is not called when I see properties of an asset where this schema is applied.