Polling importer not taking the latest updated time interval



Hi all,

I created a poll config with 300 seconds as the interval. It is working fine and polling for every five minutes. But if I updated the interval as, say 180 seconds, it's still taking up the old time and polling it for every five minutes. Shouldn't this be dynamic? I even restarted the server but it's still taking the old time interval. I don't want to restart or redeploy. Is there any reason why it isn't dynamic?

My poll config.


"jcr:primaryType": "sling:Folder",

"jcr:mixinTypes": [



"jcr:createdBy": "admin",

"source": "myimporter:myDataSource",

"target": "somepath",

"jcr:created": "Fri Aug 11 2017 15:41:26 GMT+0530",

"interval": 180


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