Please help me to fix this error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad escape sequence: %"



When I check the error log for one instance it is throwing Bad escape sequence. Please help me to fix this

ERROR* [qtp1968936611-3259627] getRequestParameterMapInternal: Error parsing request java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad escape sequence: %3Q at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at [] at []


What was the approach to escape the % character in the URL

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello 🙂


So if I understand correctly, you are trying to visit a URL with a '%' character in it and it is causing issues?


If you want to escape the '%' character you should use the following: '%25'. SO for example:





You can test this easily by opening your browser console (right here on this page if you want) by hitting F12 and then using the following native function: encodeURIComponent():

Peek 2020-03-26 17-54.gif


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Answers (1)




It looks that your URL is incorrect: "Bad escape sequence: %3Q" means that there is a sequence "%3Q" which is considered as an URL escaped sequence, but it's not valid.


Can you post the complete URL (at least the part after the pagename)? How is this URL created?