Personalization Offer in AEM 6.5





I'm trying to get the Offers in AEM to work in combination with the AEM target component (/libs/cq/personalization/components/target) to display banners on fixed locations based on the configuration of an on-off time in the Offers.

But it seems as if this functionality is really outdated, the TeaserPage (/libs/cq/personalization/components/teaserpage) doesn't even have a touch ui dialog that allows the author to change the location. And the TargetedContentManager does not return the offers that are configured.

I did find an example in the we-retail project, however this only works when creating Activities and this is buggy in the authoring mode.


Is this functionality still supported or is there another way to get offers to display based on a location and on-off time following a strategy ?





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