Permission issue to access /dispatcher/invalidate.cache



Problem : Pages that contain Experience-Fragment is getting cached after publishing the Experience-fragment
Observation :
  1. Create a Experience Fragment, add this fragment to any content page.
  2. Now, make any content changes in the fragment and publish the fragment, but not the page.
Two scenarios after publishing the fragment
- Individually Experience-Fragment gets updated both in publish environment and dispatcher
- Page that contains Fragment gets updated in publish environment but not in the dispatcher level
Solution :
    As there are some business restrictions we are trying to clear the cache of the pages that contain the fragment through code.-
 - We are trying to make post call to http://host/dispatcher/invalidate.cache and sending our
page path as request header to the post call
- We are following the process as suggested in this Documentation
The issue we are facing is when we make the post call to the URL, we are getting permission issue, 403 Error. Is there any way to give permissions to /dispatcher/invalidate.cache

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I believe the host might not be allowed to clear the cache. Can you check the following section? Try with allow "*" to test



    { # Uncomment the following to restrict activation requests to originate

      # from "localhost" only.



                  /glob "*"

                        /type "allow”


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