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Hi Team,

Need to know more about Parsys iparsys and parbase.

What is actually meant by Parsys  and what the out of box avaliable in parsys.

I have googles i got below.

but i'm not getting what is meaning of this.

One of the very useful features that AEM comes with out of the box, is the parsys, paragraph system and iparsys, inherited paragraph system

Can any one explain little bit more on this with example so that it will easy for me to understand.


Manikantha R

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parsys – It is a placeholder called “Paragraph System”, where we can drag and drop or add other components or scripts at page level.

iparsys – It is inherited paragraph system, it is similar to parsys except that it allows to inherits parent page “paragraph system”.

more info at AEM: Parsys Vs iParsys

Parbase is just a component from which you extend to get some OOTB functionality.

If I can say in technical language, Parbase is a key component as it allows components to inherit attributes from other components, similar to subclasses in object oriented languages such as Java.

For example, when you open the /libs/foundation/components/text node in the CRX Explorer, you see that it has a property named sling:resourceSuperType, which references the parbase component. The parbase here defines tree scripts to render images, titles, and so on, so that all components subclassed from this parbase can use this script.

What is the use of Parbase component?

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What AEM Version are on you using? IPArsys was used to make static templates have a common look and feel (for example - common components on all pages of the web site with the same data on each - like footer and headers).

IN AEM 6.4 - you should not be using that anymore for that purpose. You should be using Editable Templates and HTL. See this document for best practices for developing AEM Multi-page site:

Getting Started with AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial

To learn AEM - including the Paragraph system - I strongly recommend that you go through the entire WEEKEND tutorial site.

Hope this helps.