Parsys and Layout container

jakej40603950 27-08-2018

Is the layout container a replacement for parsys? It seems it can do what the parsys can do in addition to all the responsive layout features that it supports. Agree / disagree with this?

In view of that, is there any case where using the parsys makes more sense than using the layout container? Or the parsys is pretty much obsolete now?

Thanks for any insights on this.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

jakej40603950 28-08-2018

Thanks Scott and Ratna.

My questions was more towards relevance of the old parsys component in newer versions of AEM. With introduction of layout container, do you still see a use for the old parsys? Or layout container should be used as the container component in 100% of the cases?



Agree with Scott!!

You need to use Editable templates which you can add policies in Layout container.

By using policies, you can define, what components are allowed to the certain layout container.

See here for more information: Page Templates - Editable

Hope this helps!!


Ratna Kumar.

smacdonald2008 27-08-2018

With AEM 6.4 - you should be using editable templates and each editable template has a layout container. In the layout container - you can add policies that define which components are allowed to be used in the layout container.