page view,unique visitor is not coming



Hi friends can u please help me to find page view,unique visitor


in this page page visitor and unique visitor is not showing,can u please suggest me solution for this problem.




Dhiraj kumar


Answers (1)

Answers (1)




To find page views and unique visitors, an integration to Adobe Analytics would be required. I recommend using Analysis Workspace for this, see [0] for more details.


First, add the unique visitors to the top of a freeform table. Next, search for "Time spent on page - bucketed" in the filter. If you mouse over the dimension in the list you will see a small caret symbol (>). Clicking on that allows you to see which buckets are available. Drag and drop this selection underneath the unique visitors metric in the freeform table. Lastly, drag the page dimension you are interested in (e.g. page name, URL, etc.) into the table where it says "Drop a Dimension Here". The table will update with the number of unique visitors broken down by timed bucket and page.