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Hello Community - Need your suggestion to implement the solution for replicating the page. We have a admin page in author instance and it is only internal to the authors. In our admin page, we will be having a drop-down selection to select the page and also there will be a button next to it. Once the page is selected and click the button, the respective should be replicated to publish instance. Please provide your suggestion on this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @viki1101

We have Replicator Service methods to activate the provided page path. please find below code for the same.



Pass the page path(ex: with attribute name "pagePath") which author has selected to Servlet in AJAX request.



Create new servlet & service user with required permission.


public class ReplicationServlet extends SlingAllMethodsServlet {
private Replicator replicator;

private ResourceResolverFactory resourceResolverFactory;

private static final String PAGE_PATH = "pagePath";

private static final String SERVICE_USER = "replication-user"; //create new service user with required permission
private static final Map<String, Object> SERVICE_USER_DETAILS = ImmutableMap
.of(ResourceResolverFactory.SUBSERVICE, (Object) SERVICE_USER);

private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ReplicationServlet.class);

protected void doGet(SlingHttpServletRequest request, SlingHttpServletResponse response) throws IOException {
String pagePath = request.getParameter(PAGE_PATH); //page path without .html extension

if(StringUtils.isNotEmpty(pagePath)) {
try (ResourceResolver resourceResolver = resourceResolverFactory.getServiceResourceResolver(SERVICE_USER_DETAILS)) {
if (resourceResolver != null) {
Session session = request.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(Session.class);

if (session != null && replicator != null) {
replicator.replicate(session, ReplicationActionType.ACTIVATE, pagePath);
} catch (LoginException e) {
LOGGER.error("LoginException occurred", e);
} catch (ReplicationException e) {
LOGGER.error("ReplicationException occurred", e);


- Manjunath

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