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I have been trying to implement Page Exporter API programmatically and I seem to not find any information on how to do it. There has only been a comment to use Page Exporter OSGI Service, but not the details on how to use it. Can anyone please help me in this regard?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I found a few docs that could be helpful.

To programmatically export a page, you can use the PageExporter OSGI service. This service allows you to:
  • Export a page and write to the HTTP servlet response.
  • Export a page and save the zip file at a specific location.
The servlet that is bound to the export selector and the zip extension uses the PageExporter service.


The Page Exporter Interface can be found here:



You can also make use of Sling Model Exporters to export data. The following docs may be helpful:


Please do let me know if any of these help.

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