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Hi All,


I am using SVG images in my project. So I got to know that we need to upload in system console. Its working fine.

But its not good idea to directly uploading jar in publisher system console. So I have added de pendency to pom.xml but its not installing the same in console.

Any alternative or way to automatically adding the jar by running mvn cmd.

Here is the dependency that I have added.



AEM dependency

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Accepted Solutions (1)






I am assuming you only want to add this dependency because you want to get it installed in OSGI but you don't have its use in your code.


Follow below steps to install the jar with project installation via maven:

1. Download the jar

2. Create a install folder if not already present in your project structure "my-project/ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root/apps/my-site/install"

3. Place the sling security jar in this install folder

4. Run mvn command to install project to AEM

5. Check if the jar is installed


Placing jar in install folder will automatically get it installed to OSGI once the package get installed. You do not need to add its dependency in the project now but will have to keep jar in your project structure.


Hope it helps!



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Answers (2)




Hi @khamat_bn,

What version of AEM are you on? Because I just checked the OOTB bundles for 6.5 and 6.3 and in both cases I find this bundle already deployed 🤔




Inorder to include a bundle in your code package , you need to add it in content-package-maven-plugin definition of your pom.xml.





dependency definition should still be present .