Order of precedence of Run Modes



As per the adobe article the order of precedence of run modes is jar file > sling properties file > system properties.

In a different article the order of resolution is stated as sling properties > -r option > system properties > jar file (Reference: https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/deploying/using/configure-runmodes.html ).

There are two types of run modes, standard and custom. The standard run mode is used at installation time and then fixed for the entire lifetime of the instance, they cannot be changed. The installation can be done by two means either by double clicking the jar or via command line.

Double clicking the JAR(which is not named as aem<optional-version-or-indentifier>-<standard-run-mode>-p<port-number>) sets the run mode as specified in the start script(system properties), system properties > jar.If the JAR is named as per the format, JAR name takes precedence, jar > system properties. The sling properties is out of the picture here.

Installing via command line using -r(java -jar jarname.jar -r runmode) takes the order -r option > jar.

Running custom run modes, the order of precedence is sling properties > -r option. The JAR name and system properties is out of picture here since the installation has done.

Question: What is the correct order of precedence to setup runmodes in aem? (From left to right, left beign the highest)?

A. System property, Sling properties file, jar file
B. jar file, sling properties file, system property
C. Sling properties file, jar file, system property
D. jar file, System property, Sling properties file

The right answer is supposed to be option B(https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kb/RunModeSetUp.html ). Once the installation has done the JAR name and system properties has no effect in determining the run modes. Custom run modes can be set through sling properties and -r option. At the time of installation the precedence depends on the mode of installation and whether or not the file has been named in the format aem<optional-version-or-indentifier>-<standard-run-mode>-p<port-number>. Help me resolve this.

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