Omni search not able to fetch search result for nested components



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I am trying to search the aem pages for a keyword from the Omni Search i.e  Search on the top of aem start page. It works fine and fetches all the result, but only for the pages where that keyword is present directly inside component in the page. If I nest the component (put component inside another component) , and try to search for the keyword which is inside the nested component inside the page. It is not able to list those page in the result. Any guidance how can i bring up those result ? Search is working fine through default Query builder api tool with full text and nowhere in omnisearch code I can see its calling Query builder API.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Omnisearch works from below nodes which are marked as granite:InternalArea

/libs/granite/ui/content/shell/omnisearch & /libs/granite/ui/components/shell/omnisearch

You can find the code in these paths..

You may check with DayCare for a solution.

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