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Hi All,

I have created a component which has a list value being returned from Java. Everytime I author the component the value obtained in the html is null. In the logs it gives a null pointer exception. The values in these fields are coming from tagging in AEM. How do I place a null check condition in the component? PFB the snippet of the code in sightly :

<div data-sly-list.collist="${column.getcolumnList}" data-sly-unwrap>

     <div class="pr-0 pl-0 outer-container ${properties.padding} ${collist.getparentClass}" style="" >

          <div class="inner-container ${collist.getchildClass} ${collist.getCorners}"  style=";border-color:${collist.getBordercolor !=null ? collist.getBordercolor : '' @ context = 'unsafe'}">

             <div data-sly-resource="${ @path=collist.getNumber, resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}">



Note: I have to add the condition for ${collist.getparentClass} and ${collist.getchildClass}

Arun Patidarsmacdonald2008

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Accepted Solutions (1)





The issue could be, how you are calling methods in sightly. If Java methods have names start with get then no need to use get in sightly.

e.g. Java method - getList() then sightly it should be call like obj.list

and make sure you define method name with proper camel case.

instead of  ${collist.getparentClass} use ${collist.parentClass}

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