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I don't know it is the correct place, but customer care recommended to post this here.


Basically I have an enhancement request regarding the new Support portal (former within Admin Console. I often have the case that a reported issue was confirmed as a bug, got a internal Adobe CQ-number and will be fixed in a later release. When it will be included is not clear, and I as a customer are asked to check release notes. I would be really happy if I can get some notification in the ticket or via separate email regarding this since I do do not really track all my pending bugs to be fixed.


I would appreciate if this can be done - this would be really customer orientated customer-friendly.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




The support case remains opened up until we get a confirmation from the engineering team, that the code fix will be a part of the scheduled service pack. 

AEM Product Update Releases Roadmap can be located at

A service pack release notes include the list of all fixed JIRAs.

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