Not all libraries are loaded into the editable template



Hello everyone,

My project's client libraries is split into different client libraries.


     - clientlibs
            - A
                - categories string [] [myproject.a]
                - embended string [] [myproject.b, myproject.c]
            - B
                - categories string [] [myproject.b]
            - C
                - categories string [] [myproject.c]
     - components

I created an editable template and in page policy in the Client-Side Libraries I add the category value of my project "myproject.a".

"myproject.a" as well as having its own style embeds that of all the others.

My problem is that when I create a page with the editable template and related policy it loads "only" the style of the client librarie "myproject.a" and not of B and C.

I have the same problem if I add client libraries B and C in the page policies. I also tried to change the load order but I still have the same problem.

Can you help me?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




Hi, Are you expecting a separate request for clientlibs b and c?
If clientlibs a load and embed property is correct then it should load b and c in clientlibs a.


The property name embended is not correct though, the correct property name is embed




There are 2 input fields in editable template page policy setting where we can add clientlibs category names.


1. Client Libraries : category name mentioned here will load both css & js clientlibs at the page head & page body end.






2. Client Libraries JavaScript Page Head : category name mentioned here will load only js clientlibs & it will be loaded at page head.




Loads JS clientlibs only:




I hope you are adding clientlib category name("myproject.a") in first input field of policy setting, if "yes" then it will load both js & css from main & embed category clientlibs.