Not able to access AEM publisher with HTTPS enable using IP




I followed the following article [0] to enable HTTPS on publish and its successfully done. Now, I am trying to access the publish server from other machine, I am able to access using its public IP without https [1], however I am not able to access https [2]. Below are the urls. Please suggest what am i doing wrong here?

[0] Article: SSL By Default

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I have configured https on 443, however same is accessible on local machine using localhost

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Accepted Solutions (1)




please, do not expose your AEM instances directly to the internet, without having secured them according to the security checklist; and the most important aspect being: add a dispatcher in front of it. And in most cases you can safely terminate the HTTPS connection there, and use unencrypted HTTP from dispatcher to AEM; but you can also choose to encrypt this connection.

But in any way, please add a dispatcher!

Regarding the connection: Maybe this connection is blocked somehow via a firewall?

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Most likely your listener IP is different than your public IP or otherwise its an internal network/firewall issue.

logon to that box, check the hosts file for that IP

As mentioned by Jörg​, secure it ASAP