Need to integrate client with aem which has oauth enabled





We use AEM as a CMS in a C/C++ based product.

we used the traditional username/password approach.


we need to integrate the oauth mechanism into our product.

We do not have any custom plugin/packages for AEM written.


  1. For login we open a Chromium CEF browser and ask the user to login
Approaches we tried were
  1. uses auth_code from browser and , get access token and use it as a Authorization Bearer token.
  2. uses the entire cookie and extract token and set it as Authorization Bearer 
  3. enable token as request parameter 
  4. set cookie after reading it from the CEF data base
But none of them are working
1,2,3 are giving unauthorized and 4 is giving header too large.
How can we use our client with an oauth enabled aem instead of using username and passsword for accessing the normal fucntionalitied e.g to ge the metadata we use 
The aem server is inhouse/local
Any help/documentation would be great

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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