Need help to fix contexthub waring in AEM 6.5




Iam getting below waring in AEm 6.5 instance using asset share commons project.

com.adobe.granite.ui.clientlibs.impl.HtmlLibraryManagerImpl No library configured at /etc/cloudsettings/asset-share-commons/contexthub.kernel
And i try the below steps.but issue is fixed but asset share commons filer is not working.


contexthub path is to be configured in root page properties as '/libs/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub'


and when we go to this path, this node has 'sling:resourceType' as '/libs/granite/contexthub/cloudsettings/components/baseconfiguration',

so I copied this node to '/apps/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub' and changed its 'sling:resourceType' to 'granite/contexthub/cloudsettings/components/baseconfiguration'


and configured '/apps/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub' in root page properties. 


Kindly help to fix this one without affet exixting functionality.



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