Need help for AEM Architect(AD0-E104) certification



Dear All,


Anybody recently gave AEM architect certification (AD0-E104) exam and cleared ?


I am planning to give. Can anybody please help me on this.


Which all documents I need to study ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Sunita,

I have cleared AEM Architect certification during Mar 2020. Below are some of the critical topics to be prepared. Most of the questions are scenario based only. If you have hands-on experience in AEM 6.x for atleast 2-3 years with the below topics prepared, then you will be able to clear the certification.


S.noTopicsURL to learn
 - Caching concept
 - Auto invalidation
 - statfile
2Configuring Dispatcher
 - Enabling Secure Sessions - /sessionmanagement
 - Caching Secured Content
 - Configuring SSL in Dispatcher
 - Configuring Dispatcher to prevent CSRF attacks
3Dispatcher Security (especially below topics)
 - Prevent CSRF
 - Prevent DoS attack
4AEM Scalability whitepaper
5Performance Guidelines
6Recommended Deployment
 - Single TarMk instance
 - TarMk Cold Standby
 - TarMk Farm
 - MongoMk
 - specific questions on supported query languages
 - Property indexes
8Online & Offline Tar Compaction & Revision clean-up Q&As
9Online Revision Clean-up
10Content Fragment vs Experience Fragment
11Understanding Experience Fragments
12Tag Management improving page load speed
13Dynamic Tag Management
14AEM Asset Offloading - This feature is deprecated in AEM 6.4 onwards and is removed in AEM 6.5
15Sling Dynamic Include
16Server Side include
17Enable Smart Tagging
18Administering AEM (Users & Groups)


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Answers (2)




@sunitac93243435 Just go through all the topics covered in Believe me, It is the only genuine and best study material to clear all the Adobe exams. also,  one thing I would like to share, daily practice and real-world problems occurred in ongoing projects will help you achieve any kind of Adobe expert certification whether its dev, lead, DevOps or architect.




The architect exam is more situational questions. You need to deeply understand AEM to pass this one. 


Pro-Googling tip though .. If you specify the filetype you can get very specific results back that may or may not include 10 of the exam questions.


filetype:pdf AD0-E104